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Core strength, balance, flexibility, improved posture – need I say more? Reach your ultimate health and fitness goals through personalized one-on-one and small group studio training.
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At Sayezz Pilates & Beyond we practice more than just exercise. Through in-studio training, I help you to better understand YOUR BODY’S STORY with contemporary, creative and personalized movement. With my online resources, I empower you to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS by providing access to bodymind choreography you can practice any where, any time

Being a PILATES and GYROTONIC® instructor is a GIFT because it is giving the gift of freedom of movement, freedom from pain, freedom to breathe easy and calm the mind. I get to be a witness to your progress on the path to pain-free living. Hand’s down, that’s the best part of my job!

-Stephanie Y Jolivet, Certified Pilates & GYROTONIC® Instructor & Overall Movement Fanatic

Thank you my Amazing, Inspiring Clients!


“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit…Correctly executed and mastered to the point of subconscious reaction, these exercises will reflect grace and balance in your routine activities…as well as to provide tremendous reserve energy for sports, recreation, emergencies.”

-Joseph Pilates, Creator of “Contrology”, what we now call “PILATES” from his book, Return to Life


PELVIC STABILITY & DEEP ABS – to understand, “Hey! I have abs – and I can use them!” Core strength at its best and most efficient.

RIBCAGE STABILITY – to understand, “Hey – my arms are connected to my shoulder, which is connected to my ribcage, which is connected to diaphragm, which is connected to my breath!” Breath with movement, my friend.

LEG EXTENSION – to become aware that everything in Pilates – even getting long, lean legs – has to do with core strength and stability.

SPINAL MOBILITY – to pretend we are a cat, or a cow or a frog! Yup. Our spines have limits unlike those animals, but using their images helps us get a long, strong and above all, mobile spine.

MOVING PLANES – to learn that there are more ways than 1 to move – in fact, there are 3 planes of movements and we want to work in all of them, all the time!

FINISHINGS – to finish, energized and say, “Ahhh. I feel soooo good.”


“I want music in my body and poetry in my body, and I want to be skillful without struggle; it has to come without struggle…The octopus, the monkey and the cat are my basic models because they can move in any direction at any given time with strength and control because they have no restrictions. The human body has restrictions, but I can model the body– within the framework of its restrictions – to move in a similar way, to be free.”

-Juliu Horvath, founder of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®


ARCH & CURL – to realize, “Hey – I have a pelvis and it connects to the spine. Wait – I have a neck and it also connects to the spine. And I can move them all at the same time with balance and suppleness!” Wow. Really. Wow.

HAMSTRINGS – to understand 1) that we sit to much during the day, and 2) that this work makes your legs and hips feel oh so good, long and strong.

UPPER BODY SERIES – to remember that, “Oh yes. My arms connect into my torso, and wait – you’re telling me I can move my arms from my torso and pelvis??” Pretty darn cool.

LEG WORK SERIES – to become aware of how much you miss the Tower and its straps (yes, that same machine that initially looked like a medieval torture device to you) because it not only makes your legs longer but your lower back and hips feel amazing!

ABDOMINALS – need I say more? Strong deep abdominals = better posture, less pain and an openness that is totally contagious.

UPPER BODY OPENINGS – you never knew how good it felt to “pop” your sternum until you circled your arms overhead and it released a swell of refreshing blood to your brain. Body/Mind, indeed.

UNWINDING – balance, balance, balance. Let’s bring ourselves back to it, baby.

GYROTONIC® and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.


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